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SAMBUCA VARENIYE (Sweet Caviar) The name Elder is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word Aeld meaning "Fire," also means "Sacred Spirit." This Spirit was the spark of life that infused humanity, i.e., a fragment of Hulda provides us with a Soul, for without her fiery ether all things are inert. This hand made varenie of wild black elderberry rich in immune supporting falconoid that support to help you and your family stays healthy throughout the year and has been used for century’s even millennia. PUMPKIN SUGAR (Black tea complement) This unique raw pumpkin and brown sugar blend aromatize by natural essential oil of lemon and clove and recommended to use as a complement for black tea to enjoy naturally flavored personal cup of tea. LINDEN FLOWER HONEY (Forest Gold) It is a premier honey with gold-yellow color and intense aroma that has been enjoyed for thousands of years. It is primarily used for treating colds and fevers as a diaphoretic, and in Russia is used as a fortifying agent and supports the heart. GINGER SWEET (Green tea delight) Sweetened dry ginger delights especially hand crafted for you to enjoy with cup of delicious tea. It is reach of antioxidants and natural vitamins that supports immune system.

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