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LEGENDARY BACCHUS MEAT SPICE Exceptional combination of savory wild thyme, sumac, and coriander provided the Armenian royal cuisine with a refined blend to spice beef dishes. This blend became well-known in Mediterranean cuisine. Ingredients of this spice blend have been known from Bible. Even Disaccharides (Roman physician, pharmacologist and botanist of Greek origin) mentions the coriander from Armenia as being used only by ‘well dressed’ families. This savory herb belonged to the Satyrs - mythological creatures with short horns, goat’s feet, mischievous and playful. Selected cuts of fine beef spiced with this unique dressing makes a fabulously tasty combination. Ingredients: wild savory, wild thyme, sumac, red pepper and coriander. OLD TESTAMENT FISH SPICE This is a blend of carefully harvested wild dill flowers and leaves with coriander seeds that generates a unique taste for fish dishes. Dill was discovered as far back as the prehistoric era and has been mentioned in the Old Testament. It is an herb native to the upper areas of the Nile and is was found in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Ingredients: dill flowers and leaves, coriander seeds. KING GAGIK BAGRATUNI SOUP SEASONING Wide variety of vegetables, mushrooms and poultry have been used in ancient Armenian cuisine for soup preparation. King Gagik Bagratuni’s cook used this blend to flavor “Lalva apur” (red bean soup). The recipe for this blend has been passed down from centuries and has allowed contemporary Armenian cuisine to be as enjoyable and digestive, as it was years ago. Ingredients: wild mint, wild dill, wild thyme, cumin and black pepper. ROYAL ARSHAKUNI SALAD SPICE This is unique blend of wild fenugreek and coriander seed, with a mix of wild dill and mountain sumac which adds extraordinary tanginess to any vegetable platter. In ancient Armenian writings, this spice was mentioned as a “magic salad blend” that was used by royal Arshakuni family to flavor vegetable salads for their guests from Rome and Antioquia. One of the main ingredients is Trigonella from Greece, (foenum-graecum). Fenugreek was also used to scent inferior hay. Ingredients: fenugreek, coriander seed, wild dill, mountain savory, wild mint and sumac.

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